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M a r c h i n g   B a n d  

The Rowland Raider Regiment competes in Field competitions. The regiment endeavors to compete to the best of their abilities and fulfill the maximum potential these groups can uphold.
Marching band is something quite unique. It is an activity that infuses both mental and physical endurance that in accumulation is defined as the art of design, music, and synchronicity. Design in shape and form, music in harmony, and synchronicity in uniformity. Marching band can widely range from throwing a triple with a rifle to standing in a musical arc or even stretching many muscles at a high extent. It revolves around an atmosphere of fierce competition against other schools; it comes down to the eminent question of "Who has the greater passion?" No matter how competitive and convoluted competitive marching band can become, it will always take several steps of instruction,a diversity of incentives, a mindset of patience, and a great amount of determination.
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