Rowland Raider Fundraisers

Current Fundraisers

Sponsorship Form 2018-19 - Please consider asking any businesses you support to support you and the Regiment with this letter.  Also, parents and family members can place a "Shout-Out" in our Field Show Tournament Program using this same form.  Part of the monies you collect will be credited into your Individual Account.  ALL SPONSORSHIP MONIES AND IMAGES/LAYOUTS ARE DUE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2018.  Please click on the following to get a copy of the Form
Fund Drive Letter - We are also providing a Fund Drive letter for Regiment members to send to family and friends.  This letter explains a little about what the Regiment is and how they can send a donation.  Please click on the following to get a copy of the letter.

Upcomming Fundraisers

  • Penny Wars (ongoing through band camp)
  • Snap Raise
  • Beef Jerky – Summer Time
  • Community Discount Cards
  • World’s Finest Chocolate
  • Dinner Night Fundraiser
  • Rowland Field Show Tournament, October 14th, 2017 – EVERY Regiment member must have an adult work one 6-hour shift.
  • Fundraisers throughout the year are available to help with your IA.  (Individual Account)
  • Worlds Finest Chocolate (October)
  • Marie Callender Pie Vouchers (before Thanksgiving)